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Fabrication and Project Management Experience

 Project Overview  Setting R/R bridge  Set Flare knockout drums
 Night time train watching. . .  Lifting 48" expansion loop  

± NCRA Refinery, HCEP Crude Unit Expansion, McPherson KS. Refinery. Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation of new Desalter Unit and Crude unit expansion.  

± NCRA Refinery, Main Flare and Alky Flare Systems, McPherson KS.  Refinery. Civil, structural mechanical and electrical associated with installation of new pipe rack systems flare stacks, 48” main headers, branch piping and tie ins to existing units. 

±  Ashgrove Cement Company, CKD Transfer System, Fabrication and erection of  new unit structure, elevated structural bridge & walkway system, piping, electrical and  instrumentation

± Mustang Engineers CCR Unit OSBL, CVR Refinery, Fabrication and installation of below grade piping, structural steel, mechanical piping, electrical and instrumentation for new CCR Unit.   

± Mustang Engineers Flare upgrade, CVR Refinery. Fabrication and installation of new overbuild pipe rack system, 36” and 30” main flare headers, branch headers and relocation of PSV’s within operating units. 

±  Williams MidContinent Fractionation and Storage -- Conway Underground Storage Manifold System, Ground up installation of API-1104 /ASME B31.4 manifold and header systems for  underground storage facility. Scope of work included civil, structural pipe rack and access platforms. Installed piping systems, pumps, filters, power distribution, MCC equipment, electrical and instrumentation systems.

±  ConocoPhillips, Bartlesville Technology Center, Bartlesville, OK.  Provide mechanical and electrical support crews for ongoing maintenance and small capital projects.

±   ConocoPhillips Ponca City Technology Center, Ponca City OK. Fabrication and installation of components to erect new pilot plants. Structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation disciplines.

 Additionally, LCI’s management team members have constructed and managed numerous Gas Compression, Fuel Gas, Pressure Reducing, Metering, Filtration and Dehydration packages, as well as both Waterbath and Direct Fired Heaters.